Gas-free heating in one day?
It’s possible with the induction boiler!


Electric, zero emissions


High temperature (85°C)


Silent, no outdoor unit


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10 years warranty


KIWA Certified

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Gas-free heating at home? It now becomes reality!

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The same comfort as gas heating!

The electric induction boiler is a Dutch invention that makes it possible to replace your gas combi boiler completely! And thanks to the high temperature of up to 85°C, the induction boiler is effortlessly able to heat all your rooms with existing radiators to 21 degrees or more. With the induction boiler you also have a nice warm shower or bath and hot water in the kitchen as you are used to. And that without an outdoor unit, high installation costs or expensive maintenance!

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heatpump vs induction boiler comparison table

* Depending on model and version

Induction vs heat pump

A heat pump is an energy-efficient way to heat your home. However, the first experiences show that as many as one in five homes does not get warm enough and hot showers are limited. The induction CV does not have these limitations. No additional heat storage is required to take longer showers. It is also not necessary for heating in, for example, a bedroom or office. In short, the induction central heating system offers the same comfort as a gas combi boiler. Purchasing an induction central heating system is considerably cheaper and maintenance is a lot cheaper. Finally, the 10-year warranty is longer in most cases.

Technical information
Which model suits you best?


Inductie CV, Kiwa gecertificeerd. Binnen één dag van het gas af.

CVi /6

Power consumption
6kW + 1,5 kW max

Heating type
Radiator, floor heating, and shower.

Direct efficiency up to 98%
Total efficiency up to 121%*

KIWA certified 

EMC tested


CVi /9

Power consumption
9kW + 1,5 kW max

Heating type
Radiator, floor- convector heater, shower and normal bath

Direct efficiency up to 98%
Total efficiency  up to 126%*

KIWA certified

EMC tested


CVi /12

Power consumption
12kW + 1,5 kW max

Heating type
Radiator, floor- convector, air heating and rain shower or larger bathtub

Direct efficiency up to 98%
Total efficiency up to 131%*

KIWA certified

EMC tested

*By reusing the generated heat to heat the boiler, double energy efficiency is achieved.

The advantages of the induction boiler:

No additional investment in additional heating or hot water

High efficiency

Fast hot water

Suitable for radiators (high temperature)

Quieter than a gas powered heating and no outdoor unit

No annual maintenance required

You can get off the gas right away!

No CO2 and carbon monoxide emissions (green and safe)

Less maintenance

An induction central heating system only needs maintenance once every four years. In 10 years that is 8 times less than with a gas boiler. This is because there is no combustion, which makes mandatory annual maintenance unnecessary. With an induction central heating system, you not only save on expensive gas, but also on expensive maintenance.

gratis warm water met zonnepanelen of windenergie.

Free hot water with solar panels or wind energy!

Do you have solar panels or maybe even a windmill? Then you have a double advantage. Because the water in the included boiler is heated during the day when your panels produce plenty of energy. For example, it is heated ‘free’ so that you can use it at any time. Beneficial for your wallet and the environment!

In short, with our service and the induction boiler you have an affordable and sustainable solution!

Want to know how high your advantage is? Request a no-obligation quote immediately. Of course you can also order your boiler directly so that you can quickly enjoy the advantages of gas-free heating.

Decreasing cost of electricity

On the other hand, because more and more sustainable energy is being generated, clean electricity will become available to a greater extent. In the long run, the price of electricity will therefore fall. The first signs are already there. For example, on April 23, for the first time in The Netherlands, more electricity was available than was demanded and the price of electricity turned negative, albeit briefly. This means that when you purchase electricity, you even get money!

In The Netherlands on April 23, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., customers with a dynamic energy contract received 18 cents per kilowatt hour at peak.

Safe money, with taking no more as boiler

Frequently asked questions

How does an induction boiler work?

With induction, the energy is directly converted into usable heat. As a result, the core liquid has a very short heating time so hot water can be used within a few seconds. Because induction has no modulation, the conversion from electrical to thermal energy takes place immediately and at full power. This is an essential difference with electric boilers that heat with an immersion heater or a spiral, which generate the necessary energy losses. The induction boiler achieves an efficiency of 95% to 98%, according to the results of the tests that the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, The Netherlands conducted last year.

Will I save energy with the CVi?

The honest story is that with the CVi you are currently going to pay more for electricity than you will save on gas. The reason for this is that if the gas price rises, the electricity price also rises because electricity is largely generated by means of gas. Because the whole of the Netherlands has to rely on gas, this effect will diminish and the electricity price is expected to fall.

Do you have solar panels? Then the calculation is already advantageous. This is because the CVi is standard equipped with a boiler that heats the water during the day so that you can use it later. Your hot water is then free!

I have no power. What now?

If you don’t have power at home, that’s no problem. Our installers will install the three-phase connection for you where the CVi is to be installed. If you have a 3-phase connection, a three-phase connection is almost always possible. If you do not have a 3-phase connection, we can also install one for you by replacing your meter box and taking care of your new power supply together with your network manager.

Is the complete installation always ready in 1 day?

Replacing your gas boiler with an induction central heating system can be arranged in a day. Depending on the situation, if we have to install or move a power current connection, it may take a little more time. We will carry out all work as quickly as possible and always in accordance with the applicable standards.

Liberate your home from gas today!

We will replace your current gas boiler for an induction boiler within 1 day.

So you will not be without hot water or warmth.

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